Sunday, April 8, 2012

Freedom a la Stallman

Freedom in software has become an important philosophy of mine while I use my computer. I feel rather in control of my software no matter which operating system I use, but there is some stuff that I have been wrestling with in my mind that just doesn't fit right.

Most of the issues are with the freedom of knowledge. And not just any knowledge, but accurate and honest knowledge. If there's one thing the scientific method has ever taught me about real life, is that it proves real life to the best of our perception of the world. We have sense, and we test all of our senses to prove authenticity of anything.

This includes knowledge.

There needs to be more clear, coherent and real knowledge readily available to the masses. Freedom of knowledge will be one of the most important aspects of the education of future generations. Having the access and understanding the access they have to this kind of knowledge is absolutely important.

It relates to a larger scale and I feel a lot of the world's issues could be solved with a mindset like this. Your interest doesn't have to be software, development, design, or what ever it. It can be cooking, but just being able to have the access of the real knowledge of how to prepare foods properly. How to grow foods. Knowing your subject makes you better at your craft.

Get it? Good.

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